What Does Your Mirror Say?


A new month has arrived and we are reaching the end of a season, hot sunny days and beautiful, refreshing thunderstorms will soon turn to cooler days and more time spent wrapped under a warm blanket while appreciating the blessings that colourful Autumn has to offer us. The important thing to remember is that every end presents us with a fresh new beginning.

We will dive deeper into the change of season to Autumn next month with valuable tips and tools to embrace the energy of the season.

This month though, we would like to explore our relationships, not only with others around us but most importantly our relationship with ourselves.

When you look in the mirror each morning what do you see staring back at you? Do you like what you see?

Most of us will have an endless list of faults that we find about ourselves, but have you ever stopped to appreciate the beauty and splendour that you are? Have you taken the time to appreciate that you have achieved and accomplished 100% of the challenges life has thrown at you?

Would you have the heart to say those harsh words, that you say to yourself, to your child or best friend? So why say them to yourself? When last have you taken the time to be kind to yourself? We can not expect others to be kind or treat us with respect if we don’t love and honour ourselves first.



Thomas Drier said: “The world is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are.”

Everything you see in life is simply a reflection of what you feel within yourself.

When we encounter a person who we have a conflict with or there is something we don’t like about them, remember they are only a reflection of an unhealed aspect of ourselves. So before judging others or yourself so harshly, take the time to work on healing yourself and most importantly, seeing the amazingly beautiful Soul you are and be kind to yourself.

When you appreciate the beauty within yourself you will begin to see it all around you too.

Take a moment right now to wrap your arms tightly around yourself and tell yourself how amazing you are and that you truly love yourself. You deserve it.


A Conscious Start to Giving Your Money Goals


This last year has seen unprecedented market behaviour, high inflation and higher interest rates which have affected us all.  March is also the start of a new tax year which allows us the opportunity to review our financial goals.

Taking time to sit with your finances and to plan your money goals for the year is a conscious and beneficial act to creating financial security.  Taking control of your finances also gives you the confidence to achieve your desired financial goals.



Your money needs to have a goal, so provide your money with a goal such as short-term savings for a holiday, retirement savings for future financial security and a plan to settle all debt, especially in this high-interest rate environment.

A budget is the best way to start your financial planning journey.  A budget-spend can be broken down into three categories:


Money spent on basic needs: Looking after your future: “I want” Spend:
Food Cash in bank/Money Market DSTV
Housing Tax-Free Savings Account Gym
Medical Retirement Annuity Alcohol, Cigarettes
Transport Retirement (pension fund) Newspapers/Magazines
Education Insurance (life, sickness, disability)



You can adapt the above 3 categories to accommodate your own circumstances and budget accordingly.

Budget templates can be found on banking applications, the internet or investment sites.

Welcome to the new season of having a handle on your finances which will give you the power to make meaningful spending, and savings and create confidence within when looking into your own mirror.