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A holistic approach to overcoming grief, anxiety and stress and a powerful way to live the life you deserve, 

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Born In The Face Of Adversity

The pandemic and all the lock downs created unprecedented times for the majority of society, which has forced people to accept and adapt to a new reality of life. This brought about the need for individual self-awareness, self-preservation and self-growth, while still dealing with the added pressures of work and life. Having encountered many people struggling to cope with life and their new realities, what we have found is that there is a shortage of workshops and skills development programs that focus on imparting the skills to individuals on how to navigate this new landscape. The passion and drive to empower as many people as we can around us, to not only choose life but thrive, is how Azura Body Mind Soul was conceived. Azura Body Mind Soul is made up of two partners namely, Claudia and Cassandra. The combined skills offered to prospective clients range from transformational coaching, financial coaching, entrepreneurship coaching, image consulting, personal safety and security advice, trauma and grief coaching as well as Anxiety and Stress management. Both partners offer skills and training to the community at the local Victim Support Unit. We provide the 1st responder counseling to victims of crime with examples such as hijacking, rape, business and home invasions, murder, suicide and family abuse. We are also part of support groups offering our support skills such as the suicide support group. We hold international qualifications in Life Coaching and are Practitioners of Neuro Linguistic programming. BA in Criminology including three years of industrial psychology, Image Consulting, registered financial advisor, London Institute Securities Qualifications, Executive & Business Coach Certificate, extensive training in trauma and grief counseling, drug addiction family support as well as child counseling.

Our Coaches

A Team ready to help you grow.

claudia dias

Claudia Dias

Our dedicated life coach.

cassandra ison

Cassandra Ison

Our finance-savvy guide.

Our Vision

To be one of the most respected Mind, Body and Soul holistic centered companies in providing skills and coaching in emotionally transitional times.

Our Mission

To empower, assist and guide our clients through their journey of life during the times where courage and strength is required to change and grow. We will provide services such as coaching, workshops and retreats to provide the skills necessary to make better informed decisions.  By assisting our clients, we move towards our vision to provide an experience of growth, understanding, revival both mentality and physically encompassing the holistic being.

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