Meet The Team

Cassandra Ison

Cassandra Ison started her working career in finance and has experience in many areas such as stock brokering, treasury, banking personal risk and investments. Today Cassandra is a qualified financial advisor offering her clients the combined experience of financial knowledge and assisting her clients with the psychological and personal understanding of money. 

Cassandra has completed her Bachelors of Criminology degree which includes Industrial Psychology. Cassandra completed her international certification for Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic programming and is a licensed practitioner. She also has qualifications in Executive Coaching, Wealth Coaching, basic counselling, trauma counselling, HIV/AIDS Counselling, suicide counselling and drug education.

Cassandra’s spare time involves working with the Victim Support Unit, offering counselling to victims of crime such as murder, suicide, home invasions etc. Cassandra also enjoys playing the silver flute and gardening. 

Cassandra’s motto to life is “Life is an adventure, and every turn has a story, so live it to the fullest” and she wants to assist her clients in achieving their full potential both financially and personally. 

Together with her esteemed colleague and friend, Claudia, they strive to give all their clients the best that they have to offer from knowledge, learning and experience.